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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Read this Testimony: A Woman From Botswana Whose Husband ran Away 6years ago

A woman from Botswana whose husband ran away 6years ago, and left her with her 3 kids, called yesterday on the prayer line expecting God of Commander 1, to bring back husband, who ran away with her best friend.  Immediately I said let us pray God opened my eyes, I said, your friend, went to a witch doctor, so that he may have your husband, she took your picture where you and your husband where.
Your husband is in a cage they have turned his face against you and your children, but don't worry I will destroy that charm and you will receive a call that will make you shed tears of joy because your husband is coming back home.

Read this.
She just called me now saying a prophet ,7hrs exactly after you prayed for me, I received a call, from an unknown number, I didn't pick, it continued to ring 4 times, I picked up. My husband who left me 6years ago, started begging me saying is sorry he never knew what happened, he said around 11:30 hrs and that was exactly the time you were praying for me.

He said something hit his head and he failed down, according to him, it's very difficult to explain, when he wakes up he looked around he couldn't see our kids and he couldn't see me. That is how he left where he used to stay, as am saying he just from dropping kids from school.

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