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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Redeemer is Here to Redeem you Fully

Today’s text dwells on the praise of God’s wonder through His creation. We read that God’s creation is filled with astonishing varieties of things above and beneath. The psalmist acknowledged God’s infinite wisdom in the way He created both living and nonliving things which are serviceable to man. 
God preserves, governs and maintains His creatures. Carefully admiring all these wonders of creation, the psalmist declared that he would praise God as long as he lived. What about you? Have you ever paused to ponder on the massive, glowing galaxy under which every creature exists? what power is holding it from falling? the air you breathe? the uniqueness of each creature and so on? Doing this will enable you to live a life of appreciation to God. 

There are, however, people who doubt the existence of God and think they do not need Him. This kind of depravity is referred to as foolishness (PSALMS 14:1). Do not allow any circumstance of life to make you doubt the existence of God. Those who do so will perish, except they repent and trust in Christ’s sacrifice for their salvation. Like the psalmist, we should dwell much on praising God as long as we live, knowing that we have our being from Him and depend on Him for survival.

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