Saturday, August 10, 2019

This is Your Season of Glory and Breakthrough

One of the beauties of God’s Word is its practicability; so, whilst our beginning verse says, “Get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger,” it’s viable. Use the Word to deal with such and other terrible feelings. If there’s everybody you’ve been conserving a grudge in opposition to or has a grudge in opposition to you, take the bold step to make peace, regardless of who’s at fault, for that is the will of God concerning you.
As long as you maintain that grudge in opposition to folks that can also have hurt you, you’re now not free; you’re in an extra hassle than the one with whom you’re irritated. 

But when you hold a forgiving heart, now not most effective will you live a happy and exciting lifestyle, you’ll always revel in the pleasantness in different human beings. When you free others, you become free.

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  1. Prophet I have been trying so hard to reach you as I grow in the word. I a lot to overcome yet I am glad to say I have been in heaven and it is so peaceful and know what it is like to eat the word of God that I am want to be back in that spot again. Help me to throw away the things that need to be thrown away and I pray for deliverance for myself and those around me. In Jesus name amen.